Gidgee Healing’s staff development and training starts with TOUGH and GRACE!

Posted May 27, 2020

Here you will see some of our deadly staff who were very engaged in their learning journey and attended Gidgee’s TOUGH and GRACE program

TOUGH stands for Training Of yoU Gidgee Healing- making us TOUGH for the community. The concept of TOUGH training was created by our SMO Dr Page. I have attached an explanation of the process for you. It categorises training to prioritise learning requirements and empowers out tribe to take responsibility of their own continuing development and they learn and grow with Gidgee Healing.

The GRACE (Gidgee Resus And Continuing Education) program is mandatory training. This is exciting, for the first time Gidgee Staff who require their certified HLTAID001 Provide CPR or HLTAID003 Provide First Aid training are being trained by a Gidgee Healing staff member at their Gidgee Healing workplace – regardless of whether the workplace is in a remote Lower Gulf community like Doomadgee. It also gives us the opportunity to “Gidgee-fie” training by consulting with our SMO and ensuring training is culturally appropriate and suits the level of the learner for example, a registered nurse won’t need to sit through 2 hours of basic anatomy training but can benefit from more time spent of Resuscitation training.